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New(ish) Year, New(ish) Me


All new things start with the best intentions, and this blog was definitely one of them. I intended to write a traditional new year’s post, and yet here we are.. in March..

So much has changed since my last entry on my previous blogspot blog. After living and working in Manchester for the past 5 years I moved back up to the Lake District and finally took the plunge into the world of freelance.

It’s scary and exciting in equal measure, but I don’t regret it for a hot second. When I’m not working in my home studio at my cottage, I’m off meeting clients and agencies about exciting new projects. On the rare days we get a glimpse of Cumbrian sunshine I’m off taking full advantage and exploring around the lakes and fells.

I’ve already been working on some fantastic projects this year and will updating them to my website soon.

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