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Going Greener


In an attempt to be kinder to the planet, I’ve been looking into how I can make One Owl Please greener.

Here are some small changes I’ve made that are really easy to do.

Paper Work

Considering how much I use my computer and phone, I still love scribbling and sketching on paper. I was amazed how much paper I absent-mindedly scrunched up and threw straight in the bin. I now shred and pop all my paper into my compost bin, which is used on the plants and veggies in my garden. If you don’t have a compost bin, paper can be recycled with your normal household cardboard recycling.

Brew Can Do It

I got a big shock when I learned that even teabags aren't safe from the tyranny of plastic! Most teas have plastic woven into the bags to help keep their structure in hot water. Tea is an important fuel for my business, I dread to think how many teabags I go through in a year week. I’ve now switched to compostable teabags, which have no plastic and are safe to put on your compost heap. You can find biodegradable teabags from Aldi, Waitrose, Twinings, Teapigs and Pukka.

I've also invested in a lovely little teapot to use for loose leaf teas, as these use less packaging and taste fantastic too!

Check Your Energy Supplier

I’ve just switched my energy supplier to Bulb. They use 100% renewable electricity and 10% renewable gas. For every unit of electricity used, a unit is produced and put on the grid by a renewable source. 10% of their gas comes from biomethane, which comes from organic matter like sewage and manure - which is then re-injected onto the grid (minus the smell).

As well as being a green energy supplier, they can also save you up to £200 off your annual energy bill. You can also save even more when you sign up with my referral link and receive a £50

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